In this digital era, staying competitive and agile is what every organization need to acomplish. Therefore, data center modernization becoming a priority and cloud computing is here to feel the gap. Through migrating your legacy IT infrastructure like server, application, and database to the cloud, you can get the chance to optimize your IT performance and minimize the upfront cost for hardware and people.

Get the maximum benefit with migrating to Microsoft Azure, a comprehensive cloud platform that can fulfill your business needs. Sign up now and get personalized guidance from our experts at Helios Cloud Team.

Why Microsoft Azure?

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There is no need to waste another 6-8 weeks to start deploying your IT resources, because Azure can do it in a matter of minutes.

Extend Your Old OS Support -2

Extend Your Old OS Support

If you are Windows and SQL 2008 users, you can get three years extended support for free.

High Availability -2

High Availability

Azure guarantee the SLA of 99.9% on it services, you don't need to worry again on the downtime that can impact your business.

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Saving Cost

Azure adopts a pay-as-you-go payment model which means you can change the investment model from CAPEX to OPEX



Shift the focus of your IT department from managing traditional data center to another activity that can generate more revenue.



Azure has a flexible architecture. Thus, you can add or reduce IT resources according to business needs.

Why Helios Informatika Nusantara?

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Automation of billing and invoicing using cloud.helios.id

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Self service portal for the activity of purchasing and adding new cloud products of your choice.

Free lokal support dengan Azure bire

Local support (in Bahasa Indonesia) from our Azure-certified Helios Cloud Team.

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